Taking advantage of the season.

  • Why not ignore the darker days with some new stitching ideas.
  • Use those daylight lamps and sewing machine.
  • Add colour to drab days with fabric & threads.
  • Keep cosy & busy.
  • Enjoy fewer outdoor responsibilities.

A new stitching goal could shorten the Winter.

Starting something new and interesting can make time fly by and before you know it Spring will have arrived. Sharing your dining table and chairs with a couple of stitching friends can inspire inspiration and stitching together is more fun than being in the house on one’s own in Winter.

Neglected tools such as daylight lamps and sewing machines can come into their own.

Who needs them in the Summer? So now is the time to take advantage of that overlocker that’s been gathering dust in the corner. What about that lamp with a magnifying glass attached that’s even better during the darker days and long evenings. Hand embroidery and fine applique really need tools like that so now’s the time to use them.

Using bright colourful fabrics and gorgeous threads can lift the spirits and inspire new ideas for your stitching.

Knitting wool flies off the shelves in Winter as we know, but what about trying some English Paper Piecing using a rainbow of colours to make something small like coasters. There are many blogs and you-tube demonstrations on line. Or perhaps some pretty applique on a felt pincushion filled with dried lavender – smells good in the house and the pincushion could make a lovely gift.

Keeping busy keeps you cosy too.

Lifting out the sewing machine, threading it and winding bobbins is one method of staying active and warm. Why not iron some fabric you’ve had in your stash for ages and make a decision on on how to use it. A new cushion cover perhaps, or a little bag to fill with toiletries for a friend. There’s more to stitching than patchwork & quilting – look on line for patterns for small gifts for family or to help a local charity.

Staying focused gets things done.

Soon Spring will arrive and the gardening, walking, cleaning away the Winter dust, and helping with local events will take priority again. So now is the time to make something beautiful while you have time. Get your projects finished and enjoy the results now so that Winter was a very productive and useful time.

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