I can’t resist buying books. Whenever I come up with a new idea for a product I always want to support my own inspiration with the skills and experience of others which they’ve often set out in a book. Of course it’s exciting when a new book arrives and I always feel some small treasure of anticipation as I open the package and place it by my chair to explore in the evening – if I can wait that long. There’s no question that I do use the books I buy, they are a summary of my own learning over the years and some of them have become old friends. These I refer to regularly and keep safe on my bookshelf not to be loaned or given away. But inevitably some that I buy are used only briefly or perhaps my interests have changed and they become less useful. These are the ones I offer for sale.

When looking for a particular title, usually on line these days, the prices can vary and for second-hand books the prices can vary enormously. There are a lot of book sellers and competition is fierce. My own offerings are categorised under the headings of embroidery, quilting and textile art, so they are specialist books in that respect. They are my own collection and reflect how my own interests have evolved. I intend therefore, not to try to compete with the commercial booksellers but to offer the individual books in my own collection at a very competitive price. For this reason I’ll be working on the listings in my shop to reduce the prices over the next few days and weeks.

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