Hardly used: These textile art books have been lightly used by me from new and are offered here for sale. My interests have graduated over time. I started with dressmaking and machine embroidery, then patchwork and quilting and hand embroidery. After completing qualifications in these subjects I moved onto textile art which is now my main interest. So with studying and with my varied and developing interests my library collection has grown and I’m getting short of shelf space. Some of my own learning has been from artists featured on internet sites, such as http://www.textileartist.org, and through teaching sites like http://www.sofst.org. As well as all this I’ve found you can still gain so much more from textile art books. After the excitement of buying them new, I have learned from them, been inspired and used them to teach others. So now I would like to think that people whose interests follow a similar path to mine can have the benefit as I offer them here. I would like to think that the result could be some beautiful and inspired new creations. I have priced them to compete with similar or the same titles seen on line. Many stores offer second-hand books for sale on the internet and it’s sometimes surprising how much an out-of-print book can be worth. I have searched for a range of prices and put mine a little lower than I can find for sale on the internet. So they are competitively priced and in excellent good order too.

Defining Textile Art: this is not easy because each textile creation is unique and individual to the artist. Textile Art books used and referred to while an artist is creating can fall under many headings. What about design, pattern making, stitching, applique, embellishments, colouring fabric and mark-making. Then there are beading, patchwork, quilting and embroidery methods which in themselves vary widely. We can combine many of these skills to create our own masterpieces and of course books are not the only way we learn and become inspired, think of the the help we get from sewing machines and computers. Art can be in the eye of the beholder, or in the eye of the creator so how to define textile art can be something of a mystery. However the books I offer for sale here cover a range of wonderful techniques and skills which in themselves will support and help a textile artist to produce the work which starts as an idea and becomes a work of art. Please have a look in the shop to see what is available.

Benefits of Books: some results of my own learning can be viewed on other pages of this website. I was able to combine my earliest learning of computerised machine embroidery with quilting and patchwork . Following my hand embroidery course I was tempted into creating linen handbags with embroidered and other textile art embellishments. These are my canvas for many types of embellishment and satisfy my desire for something which will be of use at the end of all the time and effort that goes into each individual project. During all this there is no doubt that my own huge learning curve and evolution of interests has been inspired and encouraged through my library of stitching books, some of which I’m now ready to share with others.

See what’s available: books are listed in the shop with images and description. I hope you find something you like.