Little Quilts being produced this year are about 36″ inches square and made from pre-washed quilting cotton (so no colour loss and no shrinkage). Hand-made cosiness in a useful size for babies and children. Options are to use as a play blanket on the floor, on the cot or bed, in the car, and often for the little one to hold just for comfort. Children love their own little quilt to carry around and cuddle. Grown-ups like them too. This size but with adult designs can make an attractive lap quilt for the chair or wheelchair. Created to my own design each one is unique. Every one is created and made with dedication and care.

Animal Antics – wild animals made cute for children in soft peachy colours and lots to look at. About 38″ square.
Wildlife Quilt 36″ square, handmade in pre-washed 100% cotton
Starlight Quilt 36″ square with machine embroideries, pre-washed 100% cotton
Seaside Quilt 36″ square with curved edges, machine embroideries and made with pre-washed cotton

Children love these as their ‘Own Little Quilts’ and find many ways to enjoy them. Use as a play quilt on the floor for babies and toddlers, or in the car on a long tiring journey; on the sofa, on the bed or in the garden. They are easy to launder and will give years of wear. Little quilts are cosy for adults too: nice to keep knees warm when sitting, or tossed on the sofa or bed for a little extra comfort. The designs are pretty and interesting enough to be hung up with adhesive strips to brighten a blank wall or add interest to a room. Measurements may vary according to the design but are mostly between 36″ to 40″ square. All are lined with matching quilting cotton fabric. See the shop for choices.

This lap quilt has very detailed machine embroidered shops, houses, trees, a zoo and playground. It can be used as a quilt or a wall hanging because it already has a hanging sleeve on the back ready for a rail to be inserted if needed.