I started making Play Blankets several years ago and taking them to Craft Fairs. These were popular as they were colourful and interesting for the child and the people buying them were able to have their choice of embroideries according to the child’s interests or location. Quite a few went abroad to families that were separated and needed a gift for a child in another country. Originally they were made from coloured polyester fleece with machine embroideries on one side and backed and edged with cotton, I designed them for putting on the floor for babies and toddlers to lie on or sit on and play. Many were passed down from one child to another and customers often came back for another one choosing different colours and designs.

Blue Skies Vintage Baby Animals (sold)
Blue Skies with clouds backing (sold)

The Little Quilts that I have made this year are quilting cotton back and front and each one is about 36″ inches square. I use pre-washed quilting cotton so there is no colour loss and no shrinkage and they are lined with quality cotton and have a polyester wadding filling. This individually made cosiness is a useful size for babies and children. It offers the options to use as a play blanket on the floor, or on the cot or bed, or in the car, but often for the little one to just cuddle for familiar comfort. I have discovered that children love their own little quilt to drag around and love. Having said that grown-ups like them too: mainly because they are so easy to care for, they wash without trouble, don’t need to be ironed, the size is not too big and bulky and the whole thing wears really well. Of a similar size but with adult designs a small quilt can make an attractive lap blanket for the chair, or cosy protection in a wheelchair. Each one is created to my own design and is unique. Every one is created and made with dedication and care. Each quilt has a theme and made to appeal to mums and dads, grandparents or friends of the family. The reverse of the quilts is nearly always quilting cotton with a colour or pattern which matches the theme on the front. Find them with more images on sale in the shop.

Animal Antics – wild animals made cute for children in soft peachy colours and lots to look at. About 38″ square. (sold)
Wildlife Quilt 36″ square, handmade in pre-washed 100% cotton
Starlight Quilt 36″ square with machine embroideries, pre-washed 100% cotton.

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