Wall Art Stories

I like to create wall hangings with some background story.  I often take photographs of something which just catches my attention.  Some time ago after a very windy night I discovered outside my front door a whirligig of multi coloured leaves from our own and other gardens.  A photograph and some photo editing later, together…Read more »

Crazy Patchwork

My favourite textile artwork.  Antique crazy quilting is free-form and this makes it your own.  Sewn onto a foundation and beginning with a polygon shape then adding precious bits of fabric and lace.  Later comes the fun embroidery to keep it all together which can be free-form hand embroidery or even using the fancy stitches…Read more »

Cloth Books

Some people call them Fabric Art Journals.  I have made several of these for my own amusement but also to contain pictures on fabric of my family.  A cloth book with individual artwork and containing precious bits & pieces is far more interesting and valued than a purchased photo album. These images show the covers…Read more »

Covering Notebooks

Turning a simple cheap notebook into an acceptable and welcome gift is easy.  Just cover with pretty cotton fabric and then decorate.  Hand embroidery and hand-made fabric flowers were my choice this time.  

Hello stitching friends

Why a new blog?  I want to share ideas, pictures and methods for fun and interesting projects and tutorials.  Just learning how to use the software first but hoping those of you who like reading a blog will find something useful to follow. Currently I’m making a quilt with a village theme.  Lots of colourful houses…Read more »