My collection of hand-made bags began as a means to explore and illustrate different types of embellishment. They have become my canvas for different types of textile art in its various forms. After years of trying many quilting and embroidery techniques, resulting in too many wall hangings, I wanted another medium that could be exhibited, gifted, demonstrated or sold. So linen bags became the framework for me to try out a mixture of skills and enjoy the results in useful way. I decided on linen first of all as it’s more resilient than quilting cotton and also results in a more professional look. I have many bag patterns but do adapt them to provide a surface for my embroidery, applique or other techniques. I have used ribbon embroidery, 3D applique, hand and machine embroidery, several quilting techniques such as crazy patchwork and cathedral window. Indian wood block printing is a favourite which provides some lovely inspirational designs on which to embroider. Using vintage lace and crocheted circles is an unusual way to decorate a sturdy bag with lots of pockets, but it looks delicate and dainty. There is always another sewing technique just waiting to be added to a bag and another bag to be created. Some of the bags shown here are sold but are illustrating the variety of techniques I’ve used.

The pink linen bag has 3D applique on its wrap over front and a chain shoulder strap.