A Canvas for Textile Art

But they’re not canvas, they’re linen hand-made bags.

My collection of hand-made bags began as a means to explore and illustrate different types of embellishment. They became the framework for me to try out textile art skills and present the results in a practical and useful way.

I settled on linen as the main fabric because it achieves a professional looking background. I’ve used a whole variety of bag patterns but adapted them to provide clean surfaces for the chosen embellishment. The surface could be enhanced with embroidery, applique, block printing or different types of quilting. I’ve also tried ribbon embroidery, 3D applique, hand and machine embroidery, several quilting techniques and crazy patchwork.

This pink linen bag has 3D applique decorating its wrap-over front and a chain shoulder strap.

These are examples of what I’ve made, but quite a few have been sold or gifted. However a few are still available in the shop.