Fabric roses on a partly-made book cover

Establishing and leading a textile art group over a number of years has resulted in me developing a range of very varied workshops. Initially these came from my own hobbies and interests and then from lots of experiments with friends, always ready to try something new.  Although all are based around stitching the spin-off  has been varied. Here we were making a cover for a diary or notebook after creating fabric roses as a decoration. The roses are folded and pressed and hand stitched, while the leaves and bonded fabrics are cut to shape and then machine stitched to the background.  After decoration the book cover was custom made to the size of the diary or notebook being created as a gift, or for a stall.

Completed Notebook Covers
A Cloth Book or Fabric Art Journal

Once we’re free to meet up again I’m able to lead workshops in Block Printing, Decorated Book Covers, and Fabric Art Journal making.

Another interesting skill but very time-consuming is Cathedral Window Quilting. A technique which is mainly done by hand and with a very satisfying result. Here is a bed runner I have recently completed. Something smaller like a cushion cover, or the front of a bag could be achieved in far less time.