For me it’s an on-going process. Never lacking in inspiration but time is precious and not to be wasted since there are so many wonderful textile art skills to be learned and practiced. Currently I’m working my way through a stage 3 City & Guilds Hand Embroidery course. I’m studying on-line with the School of Stitched Textiles over a two year programme. I previously completed a similar Patchwork & Quilting qualification with them about five years ago.

Magazines and books contribute as well, together with the odd workshop and creating together with friends. Not to mention the internet of course.

Using WordPress is another outlet for exploiting learned skills and so an aspiration is to put my own projects and tutorials on here for others to try and enjoy. Alongside the images on the blog and as I proceed with my own experiences I will add guidance, examples and tutorials that perhaps will tempt my followers to have a go as well. An example is shown below.


Photo Collage: