Currently I’m working my way through a City & Guilds, Stage 3 Hand Embroidery course. I’m studying on-line with the School of Stitched Textiles and nearing the end of the programme. I previously completed a similar Patchwork & Quilting qualification with them about five years ago. Magazines and books contribute as well, together with the odd workshop and creating together with friends. Not to mention all the tools provided by YouTube, Google and the internet of course.

I enjoy helping others to learn new skills and since retiring I’ve set up or contributed to local groups wanting to enjoy learning together. Mainly stitching in one form or another, but also colouring materials with paints and soluble pencils and crayons before adding machine or hand embroidery. Taking photos and printing on cloth, and using my extensive range of wooden printing blocks to decorate before further embellishment with thread. This is a great workshop to get messy and try something new.


How about applique? As an addition to quilt making it has a lot to offer. I wanted to make a fairy flower quilt from a panel I’d bought from a quilt show. Once it was finished I knew something was lacking so I made some wildflower appliques to decorate the plain borders and was delighted with how they enhanced the quilt. Applique can add something extra, why not try it.

Fairy Flowers Quilt with appliques