The quilts shown here and in the shop I describe as Learning Curve Quilts. This is because they were made either during my own learning or when I was teaching others and sometimes as examples during training courses. They’ve only ever been used for learning or training purposes and offered at very competitive prices.

This pretty one is a single sized quilt. Made when I was learning how to put an edging on using the sewing machine instead of having to hand sew the back of the binding. It is of pre-washed fabrics in my favourite colours with log cabin squares, mauve sashing to join the blocks together and quilted in a neon green thread on a domestic sewing machine. This was made for teaching and display. It’s white on the reverse and just covers the top of a single bed.
This quilt I’ve named the Village Quilt as it has many scenes of houses and farm scenes with animals. This unique double sized quilt has some photos of country scenes printed onto fabric and some of the other blocks are on countryside design fabrics. Its’ houses and other buildings are appliqued and embellished with hand embroidery as well as beads for door handles or to decorate trees. Lots of landscaped scenes from lovely patchwork fabrics and a variety of techniques to create interest. It would possibly suit a child’s double bed and provide lots of interest.

The other images shown here are of a Sampler Quilt with each block demonstrating a different patchwork technique. This was created as an introduction to patchwork and quilting for a new group I’d established and we worked through the techniques together for several months. This is an ideal method for teaching yourself different patchwork skills and I found it worked well for teaching others a range of techniques. About half the blocks are hand quilted and the rest were created on the sewing machine. Again the overall quilting was done on a domestic sewing machine. The reverse is made up of large patchwork blocks made from leftovers from the front blocks. This quilt, as can be seen on the sofa, makes an ideal throw as it is square. It’s been washed to demonstrate the finished look of a washed quilt which helps newbies make a decision about whether to wash their fabrics before starting to sew. Many people don’t wash new fabric first, but the results can be a crinkly finish after the item is washed. All my quilts are created using pre-washed fabrics to avoid shrinkage and colour loss. These shown here are offered at realistic prices for sale in the shop.