I’ve been practicing some felt applique using wool blend felt in a vast array of colours. The groups I belong to are always keen to try new skills and so my efforts are geared towards a couple of workshops I’ve promised to do this year. One for my Arts & Crafts group this month and the other to be done for Wye Valley Stitchers in October. There are tons of books and online ideas for felt applique projects so once I started I couldn’t stop. It’s addictive! Currently I’m preparing yet another linen bag with a row of bright and exotic felt birds on a branch. Next I planned a cushion cover with appliqued cottage, however as I started to plan the background for the cushion cover by searching through my fabric stash I came across some exciting landscape designs leading me to decide on making a wall hanging as the background for the cottage instead. I can’t get on with that just yet though, even though I’ve cut the felt shapes for the cottage, because of course I had to find just one more fabric with a grass design before I could even start my landscape background. The idea was to reduce the stash but I’m afraid it seems I simply had to find another couple of fat quarters with grass and pebble designs before I could get on with it. so for now that stays on the cutting table.

so work in progress continues. However, I have already made some items for the workshop activity. A small owl to be used as a toy or perhaps a large pincushion, a fold-over needlecase and some heart-shaped pin-on brooches.

My inspiration for all this has come in part from these books: Felt With Love by Madeleine Millington; Fabulous Felt by Corinne Lapierre; Wild Blooms and Colorful Creatures by Wendy Williams.

Row of cottages
An Owl and a Sewing machine

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