Ready for the Christmas Tree

To make your own little decorations to put on the tree you will need some shape templates, felt, stuffing, embroidery thread, decorative sparkly beads and sequins, some cord or ribbon, marker pens to use on the felt, and your scissors & sewing kit.

First search on Google for Christmas Shapes and click on images – lots of different ones will come up for you to choose from and print off. You can also find star and heart shapes under Insert on Word which you can insert into your blank document, adjust the size and print off. Once you have the shapes printed onto your printer paper you can glue them onto card and cut them out.

Draw around your shape onto the felt and cut out two identical ones. When you cut them out make sure not to leave the marked cutting line around the edge of the felt in case it shows on the finished decoration, so cut just inside the mark. Or use a marker that fades in air or can be removed with a damp cotton bud.

Once the two matching shapes are cut out prepare the backing by layering a shiny transparent fabric like organza or tulle across one of the shapes, attach it to the felt with a few dainty stitches in a pretty thread and then trim off the surplus organza or tulle. Take a small piece of pretty cord or ribbon and attach a hanging loop inside the top of this back piece.

Now take the front piece and decorate with beads, sparkly sequins, festive trims and shiny bits and pieces. Place the back and front wrong sides together and pin the edges together. Start to join the edges with buttonhole stitch but keep an opening for inserting a small amount of stuffing. Push the stuffing into the shape as you embroider around the edges. Ensure the hanging cord is secured firmly as you sew the edges and long enough to attach to the tree.

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