The annual Forest & Rivers Open Studio (FarOpen) event finished in the Summer and all the remaining bags and quilts had to be wrapped carefully, put away and a decision made about their future. Some precious things are already earmarked as gifts for the family. Others will be saved for an appropriate sales opportunity.

My garage, as shown in the images below, proved to be a successful display area for FarOpen. But I’m not really sure whether I’ll be using it for FarOpen again as I’m a little off track from the main Art Trail here. Also the road was closed for three of the ten days during the event and this inhibited the number of visitors coming to find me. However through the hottest days of an English summer the garage became a little retreat that I have used for wood block printing and other messy colouring activities.

Currently no new activities or events are in my diary but once they are I’ll post it here.