Cloth Books

Sometimes called Fabric Art Journals, Cloth Books have so many advantages for the Textile Artist. They are the easy way to keep samples of your course work, your learning and your precious bits and pieces of experiments. They take up so little room but save your inspirational efforts in a small but beautiful form. I have quite a few in my storage boxes and I’ve already given some away to family with images printed on to fabric and embellished with embroidery, beads, buttons and coloured fabrics. I like to think that one day they will be there for the family as examples of how I spent so many hours and which they knew so little about. There are different ways of capturing the cloth pages. I’ve used special buttons, cords, eyelets and pages sewn together with the sewing machine. The covers can be little works of art in their own right too. The internal pages can be finished around the edges on the sewing machine or by hand. When trying out experiments and samples these days I make sure they are in the size I want for the pages, or can be attached to pages in a complementary colour or pattern. You can put your handmade beads inside (if they’re not too big) and those precious charms, bits of lace, buttons and old photos printed onto fabric will all have a part to play and enhance the finished journal. Here are some images of my own which I hope might encourage you to seek out your little works of art hidden in a drawer and bind them into a cloth book instead.

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