Completer Finisher

That’s what I am. I really don’t like leaving projects unfinished. But sometimes the excitement of starting something new overtakes the desire to finish and stuff gets put ‘on hold’. So now I have to pick up my Cathedral Window quilted runner and start it again after it has languished in a box for several…Read more »


I decided to make a series of linen handbags as a medium to showcase a range of different embellishing techniques in textile art. It’s taking longer than I had hoped due to numerous other things to do but so far I’ve tried embroidered felt designs; printing on fabric then embellishing with hand embroidery; needleturn appliqued…Read more »

Bags of Linen Fun

Been making bags as a canvas for different stitching techniques including hand embroidery, needlepoint applique, block printing with embroidery, machine embroidery, felt applique and vintage lace decoration.

Felt Birds Embroidery

The Embroidered birds on this cushion cover are from a project in the Australian ‘Inspirations’ Magazine which they have named ‘Twitter’. Very cheerful result and with a comprehensive range of embroidery stitches, many not often used previously by me and my friends.

Pin-on Flower Brooches

If you’ve got an embroidery sewing machine it’s fun to make flowers with organza in a rainbow of colours. There are so many machine embroidery patterns to be found on the internet and 3D flowers are the ones to use . They come in a variety of petal sizes and you can make the flowers…Read more »

Silk Purse

For this you don’t need a sow’s ear but you will need some gorgeous silk Dupion. I had lots of this beautiful material left over from previous excursions into wall hangings and exquisite bags. Still have loads left for future plans in delicious colours but have released a lot of it to my crafting friends…Read more »


The hot unforgettable Summer of 2018 is gone but I captured some memories.  A medieval festival takes place in Tewkesbury each year when the battle of Tewkesbury during the Wars of The Roses 1471 is remembered and replayed.  The town is bedecked with banners and floral displays in July ready for the re-enactment battle across…Read more »

Wall Art Stories

I like to create wall hangings with some background story.  I often take photographs of something which just catches my attention.  Some time ago after a very windy night I discovered outside my front door a whirligig of multi coloured leaves from our own and other gardens.  A photograph and some photo editing later, together…Read more »

Crazy Patchwork

My favourite textile artwork.  Antique crazy quilting is free-form and this makes it your own.  Sewn onto a foundation and beginning with a polygon shape then adding precious bits of fabric and lace.  Later comes the fun embroidery to keep it all together which can be free-form hand embroidery or even using the fancy stitches…Read more »