A Library of Stitching Books

Like many sewers I have collected many books embracing stitching and associated subjects. How to categorise my library is a challenge as it embraces so many skills and varieties of craft work. Because my own interests have broadened over time and the studies I’ve done have ranged through so many stitching subjects it’s difficult to know how to describe the theme of my library. I’ve tried textile art – but is quilting for example textile art – not really. Stitching as a word hardly covers the artistic subjects such as colouring cloth, dying fabrics and printing images onto fabric. It’s a big subject which cannot be contained within the descriptions of embroidery or patchwork or sewing or indeed textile art. But these books that many of us accumulate are more valuable than we realise. When I decided to list some of my books on my website https://stitch-pretty.com and offer them for sale I had no idea of their value until I started to research the titles on the internet. Some of the titles which are out of print and offered for sale second hand were listed with amazing prices. I know from my own experience that if a book is mentioned in a magazine article as something worth having it is tempting to acquire it even if second-hand and priced quite high. Often it can be coveted and purchased as a precious addition to the library despite the price. So my new knowledge after this research has led me to value the books I own and not ever just give them away (unless for love or friendship) and to never put them on a stall for a throwaway price because someone somewhere will be prepared to pay the market price for them one day. Here are some examples of ones on my own website.

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