Wooden Printing Blocks

Over time I have accumulated a stash of Indian wood printing blocks which I have shared with groups of crafters and quilters to enhance pieces of textile art. New blocks are becoming available all the time and they tempt me to add to my collection. My favourites are trees and hedgerow plants.

So I decided to make a new piece of wall art as an excuse to use some of my stash and with a view to preparing some sample work for a print block workshop planned for the summer. It remains to be seen whether I will be able to do this workshop as my age and on-going virus restrictions may prevent it. But in any case I have created something for my own wall and here it is:

Starting with a landscape background created from strips of curved fabrics and bonded to a piece of wadding I used print blocks reminiscent of trees and plants. Next I added shape and texture with free machine embroidery. This was my canvas for additional free machining on the trees and plants followed by some hand embroidered highlights.

Starting with a landscape
Block Prints and free machining added
But disaster! these prints look like Coronavirus
Disguising the smaller virus shaped prints with hand embroidered flowers
Enhancing the larger prints with 3D leaves and French Knots
Hand embroidery added to the tree leaves and dragonflies
A pillowcase type backing and it’s ready to hang

A good two days work completed. I will use Command Strips to hang invisibly and they are easy to remove.

One thought on “Wooden Printing Blocks

  1. That’s lovely, Patsy. Very creative. The stamps are fun to use. Must get mine out again soon!! That reminds me, I have 2 white blousey cotton tops that I may dye. I could then stamp them!! Luvly jubbly!!! XX

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