Completer Finisher

That’s what I am. I really don’t like leaving projects unfinished. But sometimes the excitement of starting something new overtakes the desire to finish and stuff gets put ‘on hold’.

So now I have to pick up my Cathedral Window quilted runner and start it again after it has languished in a box for several months. Why do I love Cathedral Window patchwork (or quilting)? Well, because it’s a mix of hand and machine sewing and can be fitted around normal life due to it being made up of small pieces which can be carried around, or worked on while watching TV. It’s a method which uses frames in one fabric with centres in another, hence the name, so this permits the option of using images in the centres, or decorative appliques or favourite scraps.

But for now this pincushion is all I can show you in Cathedral Window, more to follow.

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