Wall Art Stories

I like to create wall hangings with some background story.  I often take photographs of something which just catches my attention.  Some time ago after a very windy night I discovered outside my front door a whirligig of multi coloured leaves from our own and other gardens.  A photograph and some photo editing later, together with some 3d machine embroidered leaves on organza and some machine embroidered designs, I had my leaves wall art.  I used brown silk dupion for the background and the photo was printed on to  a paper-backed cotton sheet.

And then another time I wanted to capture in fabric the lovely garden pond created by my husband.  Here the image of the pond on cotton is enhanced by hand embroidered and machine embroidered garden plants and ornaments.  Some free machine embroidery for the sky and some 3d plant pots bonded to the surface add another texture and give perspective.


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