Again I’m ploughing on with my counted thread samples for the City & Guilds Hand Embroidery course I’m doing. Although not enthusiastically I have to admit but determined to continue, determined to make progress and get onto the next phase of my course. Blackwork, another type of embroidery I’ve never been attracted to and therefore…Read more »

Counted Thread Embroidery

I’m learning various types of counted thread work as part of my City & Guilds Hand Embroidery course (doing it on-line and sending work to School of Stitched Textiles using Powerpoint) I’ve spent ages designing and stitching my first ever Cross Stitch pattern and found it took me so long that I never want to…Read more »


Sometimes it’s not about winning but just taking part. This embroidery in the hoop is just such a case. To support an Embroiderers’ Guild competition, and squeezed in between other demands such as course work for my City & Guilds, I have had a go and here it is finished. Now back to the counted…Read more »

2020 Vision

I can see clearly: a plan is made for the year and now I know what I want to do with my precious time: what items to make, what activities and interests to follow. The bright cushion above was made quickly with friends in the little embroidery group I had set up before my house…Read more »

Completer Finisher

That’s what I am. I really don’t like leaving projects unfinished. But sometimes the excitement of starting something new overtakes the desire to finish and stuff gets put ‘on hold’. So now I have to pick up my Cathedral Window quilted runner and start it again after it has languished in a box for several…Read more »


I decided to make a series of linen handbags as a medium to showcase a range of different embellishing techniques in textile art. It’s taking longer than I had hoped due to numerous other things to do but so far I’ve tried embroidered felt designs; printing on fabric then embellishing with hand embroidery; needleturn appliqued…Read more »

Bags of Linen Fun

Been making bags as a canvas for different stitching techniques including hand embroidery, needlepoint applique, block printing with embroidery, machine embroidery, felt applique and vintage lace decoration.