Hand-made Bags, Small Quilts, Individual Cushions and Gifts

My linen bags are all individually designed. Each one has its own personality and showcases a different type of decoration. Every one is made with care and meant to be used regularly even though displaying a special technique and finish. These bags are unique and could enhance a special outfit, or just be enjoyed for its own sake.

My Little Quilts are resilient, washable and interesting back and front. They are about 36″ square or more and each one is designed to be a favourite for a child or adult. Usually the quilt’s theme will include a colour scheme appropriate for the machine embroideries on the front and with a backing fabric which enhances the top of the quilt. They’re made to be used in a variety of ways. For babies and children they can serve as a play blanket on the floor; or to cuddle on the sofa. The individual embroidered motifs can serve as a teaching aid and toddlers will often enjoy having a little quilt of their very own to love.

Many adults would also find one of my Lap Quilts a comfort over their knees on a cold evening, or as a throw on the sofa or bed. These small quilts are washable and resilient and will last for many years.

My cushions are unique in design as well and the cushion covers are created with quality materials. The internal cushion pads are purchased and carry a fire safety certificate.